Find Events for The Emerald City Social Club in these places:

Yahoo – The Emerald City Social Club has a Yahoo Group called: “Seattle Area Transgender Activities and Events” or just: “Seattle Trans.” This is the easiest way to get involved. Once you have found the yahoo group and you join the Yahoo group, you will get a weekly email about our events. You don’t have to be a member to join in on our events. Once you know where we will be, just come to the event and introduce yourself. Later if you would like to join to get the newsletter and support The Emerald City, you can do that.

Facebook – The Emerald City has a strong presence on Facebook. If you are already on Facebook, you can go to the Emerald City Facebook page at

The Emerald City Newsletter– The Emerald City Club publishes a hardcopy newsletter once a month. You must be a member of The Emerald City Club to receive the newsletter. It has more information about events and club news that is only in the newsletter.

Email – One of The Emerald City(EC) Club officers updates Yahoo once a week which creates an email called: “[Seattle Trans] On Tap This Week.” This email give a list of public events and private to EC members events. Add yourself to this email by joining the Yahoo group – See number 1 above.

The Emerald City Hotline – If all else fails, you can call the Emerald City Hotline 425-827-9494 to find out more. The hotline is now answered on most any time during normal hours (between 9am and 9pm). If no one answers, try after 5pm and before 9pm. You can also leave a message.

Want to know more? Become a member of the Emerald City. Join the fun. Join the Emerald City – Call the Emerald City Hotline anytime. See notes on the contact section.