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The Emerald City Newsletter is a critical component of The Emerald City Club. Our membership is as diverse as the transgender community from which it draws its members. We have members who are still uncomfortable revealing their true selves in public. It takes an act of extreme courage to just get dressed and come to one of our meetings. At the other end of the spectrum we have members who are post-op transsexuals who live their lives as women. The Emerald City Newsletter tries to appeal to the entire gender spectrum that is The Emerald City Club. The newsletter has three primary tasks. First, is to keep the members connected. We try and show the members that they are not alone. One way we do this is with a series of articles called “The Yellow Brick Road”. A “Yellow Brick Road” article is when a member describes where she is on her gender journey. We are all at different places on this road and it is a truly unique road as it will take each of us to a different destination. But, whether your ultimate destination is to undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery and live life as a woman or to dress as part-time as a woman and have fun with your friends, but live your life as a man, we all have similar experiences. The “Yellow Brick Road” articles illustrate this. The second task of the newsletter is to keep the members apprised of club activities. We publish a calendar of upcoming events and articles about events the club has planned. There are also articles about previous months events  so a member can read about the event outcome, and decide whether she wants to attend a similar event in the future. We also print lots and lots of pictures. If there is one thing all T’s have in common, it is that we love to have our picture taken. The officers  regularly write articles to inform the membership.  They truly want to know what the members are thinking, and what direction they want the club to take. The third task of the newsletter is to discuss matters of interest to T’s.  We publish articles from members reviewing books and movies involving T related subjects. Other members write about current events and the tremendous social  changes we have seen in the past decade in attitudes towards the transgendered population. Our newsletter is usually twelve pages long and published in hard copy format only. We do not offer an on-line version because there is something tangible about holding the printed word in your hand that makes the material more  interesting and relevant. It has been continuously published every month since 1983, so we must be on to something. I hope you will consider joining our club. But be forewarned. I am relentless. I have set a goal that I want everyone to submit at least one article for the newsletter at some point during their membership. So I will pester, plead and prod, but I guarantee you will have fun.

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