Our membership is as diverse as the transgender community, from women uncomfortable revealing themselves in public to members living their lives as women.

The Emerald City Newsletter appeals to the entire membership of The Emerald City Club.

Members may either receive the newsletter by PDF in email or printed copy by postal mail.

The newsletter keeps members connected. The girls of Emerald City are there for each other.

The newsletter keeps the members up to date on club activities with a calendar and articles about upcoming events. We also print lots and lots of pictures. If there is one thing all T’s have in common, it is that we love to have our picture taken.

The newsletter discusses interesting topics, including articles from members on style, current events, and many other engaging topics.

It has been continuously published every month since 1983, so we must be on to something. I hope you will consider joining our club.

Join The Emerald City and read all these great articles!

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