Join us!

You don’t need to be a member to join in on our functions. Look at joining our Yahoo Group. See the EC Events page for more information. Later, if you want the newsletter and to support The Emerald City, you can join.

There are two types of membership in the Emerald City:

Type 1 – The first type of membership will provide a hardcopy newsletter to you once a month. The cost is $40 per year prorated until June 30th if you are not a previous member. This type is intended for people who want know about the Emerald City, its events but choose not to participate in person.

Type 2 – The second kind of membership is a participating member. It is also $40 per year but you must have sponsorship from an existing member. With this type of membership you will receive the hardcopy monthly newsletter and you may attend the Emerald City functions.

Every month as a member of the Emerald City you will have the opportunity to join with other members in a social atmosphere. The club puts on no less than two organized outings, above our normal meeting each month. You also will receive a monthly newsletter (12 pages), with news and information about our community.

This is a perfect way for the individual who wishes to share with other Transgender people in a supportive outing. We offer both secure outings, those being in a private location, as well as socials that are in the main stream of society. Whichever is your choice and preference the Emerald City can provide you with the support in your life.

Membership Application Procedure

Type 1 membership – If you think that you would like to join the Emerald city as a type 1 membership, print the membership form and send with your check or money order (sorry, we can’t accept credit cards) made out to “The Emerald City” and send to:

The Emerald City
Post Office Box 59893
Renton, Washington 98058

Type 2 membership – If you would like to join the Emerald City as a participating member, download the application form, fill it out and call The Emerald City hotline at 425 827-9494 anytime. You will be interviewed for possible membership. Then, you will attend a meeting. Bring your filled out form and $40 to the meeting. You will be approved at the next officers meeting which occurs a week after the normal monthly membership meeting, which is on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm. The location of the meeting will be given to you during your interview.

Appications Forms – Here are the downloadable forms

Application forms are available in Microsoft Word 2000 .doc format or in .rtf format:

Membership Application in .doc MembershipApp4

Membership Application in .rtf MembershipApp4