About Us

  • We are a group of Transgendered folks, who have created a helpful and non-profit organization.
  • We extend a warm welcome to those who share our stated purposes. Race, religion, age, employment, sex, gender, and partner preferences do not affect eligibility for membership.
  • We want to know our prospective members before accepting  an application; thus we insure the privacy and security for all those concerned. Our membership is confidential, and no information about members can be disclosed. Likewise, your privacy is assured.
  • We provide the means for those who seek gender-freedom to find and meet one another.
  • We provide safe and comfortable social and educational activities. These include our monthly social events such as dinners and excursions, and sponsorship of an annual multi-day event to permit immersion in our alternative gender.
  • We are an educational group. One of our goals is to  promote a positive  transgender image to the business community, the media, and the general public.
  • We provide speakers and materials for public education in promoting greater transgender acceptance, and to dispel fear and ignorance of the transgender community.
  • We associate with and aid regional and national groups, and events which share our goals.
  • We maintain a list of vendors who enjoy doing business with us. The list of vendors is only available to members. It  has a wealth of information of vendors who advertise on the list and have proven to friendly to our community. Our members can feel comfortable with these operations who meet our special needs.
  • We publish a monthly newsletter to promote communications and provide information for and by our members.
  • We are not a counseling, therapy, welfare or pairing service.
  • We offer friendship with kindred spirits, who like to have fun!
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